Catherine (arcticturtle) wrote in daytonqueers,

letter to 94.9 The Sound

I just sent this email to 94.9 after hearing one of their radio spots.
"Life is full of bad surprises, like finding out she is actually a he", goes your radio spot.

This made me wonder...

- What does mocking transgendered people have to do with 94.9?

- Do you honestly think we don't take enough sh** already?

I live in a small, genuine hick town... yet the people out here manage to be polite to me. For crying out loud, the woman who works at the grain elevator treats me like a human being, not a joke. You can't manage that?

The people at 94.9 are bigger rednecks than the farmtown folks? Now -that's- a bad surprise.

- Jade Catherine
No, it's not the biggest injustice in Ohio. But I'm not interested in listening to them anymore.
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