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Faith UCC rocks

I'd like to share a happy report on a wonderfully queer-friendly local church, Faith United Church of Christ...

I had the most wonderful experience there last Sunday. I had a young crossdresser visiting me, going into public as a woman literally for her first time, and I wanted a good queer-friendly church experience for her.

Faith UCC is officially Open and Affirming, and have a rainbow flag on their webpage, and all that. The UCC has recently suffered censorship for welcoming queers and arson for marrying them, so they seemed like an obvious choice.

Still, I figured we'd be the ultimate challenge to their lovingness. Sarah (the other crossdresser) and I might each alone pass for genetic women - but standing with each other, side-by-side? No way. So if they were ever going to give anybody the cold shoulder for being too weird for them, Sunday would have been the day. But they were SO welcoming, and friendly, and wonderful, we were both walking on air afterward.

So I'm very psyched about Faith UCC. If anybody would like to visit - because you're curious, because you want a church, because you want to thank them for their courage, because you want an excuse to wear a nice dress, whatever - I suggest trying them. And if you'd prefer to go with another queer, just tell me and I'll drop everything to come with you. And if God is important to you but you've been doing without public worship while "out" - you don't know what you're missing. It's wonderful on so many levels.

Of course, there are other safe and welcoming churches in Dayton - Eternal Joy MCC is an obvious example. But if you might prefer UCC's location (200 Delaware Avenue, in the Five Oaks area), worship style, or whatever, do try them out.

Finally, if sucky Christians have given you the opinion that Christians suck - come meet some of the ones who don't.
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