Catherine (arcticturtle) wrote in daytonqueers,

bashing at Dayton RTA hub

From the Dayton Daily News:
Man's realization triggers fisticuffs

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

DAYTON — Oct. 23: An assault was reported after a male at the RTA hub on South Main Street realized the person talking to him was actually a male dressed as a woman.

The male took offense and the two began arguing.

The male then punched the victim in the face and a fight ensued.

Security broke it up and called police, who ordered both men to report to the county prosecutor's office.

Worst possible reading:
Transgendered person assaulted for daring to exist and use a public bus stop. Police consider the TG's guilt (for being attacked) as equivalent to that of her attacker. Newspaper approves of the attack, reminds us that she's a "man", and that her existence gives "offense" and "triggers" violence.

Thing is, the writing is so confusing that it's hard to tell whether that's what actually happened.

Anyway. Kinda angry. I use that bus station frequently. Saying "that could have been me" is rarely quite this literal. And apparently, if somebody decides to physically attack me for it, the police will be on me just as hard as my attacker, and the local paper will sympathize with my attacker.

Oh, well. At least the article didn't mention anything about hospitalization or whatnot.

I don't know quite where to go with this. It's hard to know where I can take it, with the article so unclear. I may contact the author and ask for clarification.
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